The Ethiopia Project is a student run CAS activity at the International School in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. CAS stands for “Creativity, Action and Service”. It is an important part of the IB Diploma. The Ethiopia Project began in 1998 and continues to be successful in reaching out to the students in Ethiopia. In 2012 the Project was mentioned as a CAS example in the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) book.


Every Year CAS students of the Ethiopia Project are selling stuff during the Winter Fair at their School. Students during the International Festival Eindhoven in 2016, selling Ethiopian stuff in the HUB:

 The Ethiopia Project is very popular – every year lots of students subscribe to this CAS Activity. Here the students team of 2014-2015:

ISE Students

Since 2014 Getachew Negate (on photo down in the middle) is the new contact for the students. He visits the students almost every 2 weeks and supports and motivates them with their CAS activities for a the new project DEDA Learning Centre. Click here for more information about DEDA Project”.

The ISE students raise awareness and search for funds for the DEDA Project that Getachew has initiated in 2014. Already € 800 has been raised for this project. Students have organized various fun games, events and competitions.

Achievements of the Ethiopia Project since its start in 1998

  • Students were selling during WinterFairs in 2016 and 2017
  • Students collected 70,00 euro from selling bakes. It is for the DEDA Learning Centre Project 2015 - 2016.
  • Since 2014 students of the Ethiopia Project raise funds for the new DEDA Learning Centre in Ethiopia.
  • December 2012 the Ethiopia project team and ISOB team visited Director Henk v Engelen of ASML Foundation Eindhoven and presented the results of the Liqa School Improvements Project. ISE students donated books and helped with the transport.  Materials were distributed among schools and one university in Ethiopia in April 2012. Read the distribution report here.
  • In 2011 ISE Students organized a dodgeball tournament and a marathon and raised € 491.- Their proceeds were handed over to the Liqa student clubs in Ethiopia. Additionally ISE students set up the ISE Facebook page @ Ethiopia Project (ISE) to inform other students about their latest activities.
  • The 2009/10 student group made a questionnaire about the needs of the newly build Liqa school. ISE students worked on a plan of action according to the answers that Liqa School gave. In 2010 the Liqa student club received a € 50 donation and the Liqa school received € 300 of ISE students and staff.
  • 2006/07 student groups contributed over 400 Euro each. ISOB added this money to the Library project. The money was used for the dispatch of school books and computers to the newly build Wolaitta Liqua Public school.
  • In 2004/05 ISE actions were adopted by Wilde Ganzen in Hilversum as a "Youth for Youth action"! Wild Geeze doubled their collected funds up to 70% for the construction of "Wolaita Soddo Public Library".
  • The fourth group of ISE students organized a sponsored cycling tour through Holland. This action raised the largest amount of money and broke the record of all others teams so far. The fund was reserved for the construction of the Wolaita Soddo Public Library.
  • The third group held a sponsored training weekend at the Rhine Army Parachute Association where students and staff were jumping from a plane. In October 2002 they dispatched a large number of books from Amsterdam to Ethiopia.
  • The second group involved in a sponsored cycle ride in 2000 to The Hague, a distance of around 170 kilometers.
  • The first group of students organized a sponsored walk from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in the summer of 1999. The fund they raised was used to donate books to schools in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia Project began in 1998, and has a two year cycle with students of DP 1 and 2 (Diploma Program). Once a year half of the group leave (DP2 students) and the other half start to select a new group from DP1 students.


Volunteers of the DEDA project continue their activities under the newly established Dessi Foundation

About Deda Learning Centre

The project is about the set up of a new Library, Clean Water, Proper Sanitation and Electricity to improve the learning process for 1860 children and their teachers at DEDA Primary School in Ethiopia.

When the project started in 2014, the school lacked all means to give children a good education. The school was in need of a Library, proper latrines, clean water and electricity. The Learning Centre Project aims to provide these facilities. With this project the children get an opportunity to grow out of their poverty trap. The activities focus on providing the school with a new Library and schoolbooks, clean Water, improved Sanitation and Electricity.

since the start of the Project in 2014 a lot of things have been done:

Construction of the Library is finished and an opening ceremony was held in February 2017

A water tank for DEDA School, bought with a fund of the Rabo Share4More Foundation has been installed.

A Solar Panel installed on the roof of the School. Now there is Light and a TV.

 Deda School received books of the ISOB Foundation via Mr. Getachew Negate.

All of these facilities will improve the overall education and pleasure of learning.

Work in progress: Organize and equip the newly built Library and give access to books and reading. Construct toilets and showers for better sanitation and hygiene. (fundraising). Volunteers work in close cooperation with DEDA farmer's association and the School Committee.

More information on the Dessi Tuji Foundation website:  and

About DEDA Primary School

The school is located in DEDA village about 60 km south of Addis Ababa. Deda village is near Hidi town (info in dutch).  It was established in 2002 by the community themselves to serve the population of Deda and surrounding villages. The total student population is +1860, 1010 boys and 850 girls. The school has two cycles: grade one to four and grade five to eight. There are 6 classrooms and a small room for the teachers.

Fundraising Activities

Volunteers Getachew and Mrs Claudette represent the Deda Learning Centre in the Netherlands and regularly organise fundraising and promotional events. Every Year the Ethiopia Bazaar is held in Amstelveen. This event is supported by the Amstelveen Municipality.

On April 14 2018 and on April 8 2017 a Cultural AfricaDay was held in Rijswijk.

Funding in former years:

June 2016 The Wereledwinkel De Toren - Nieuwkoop contribute €  1000,- to  the project.

April 2016 The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation contributed € 1500 for the construction of the Library

The company JOYMED contributed € 250,-  for the Library.

RABO Share4More contributed €  2100 (Dec 2015). With this great contribution we can provide a clean water system for the school.

January 2015 the International Women's Club Eindhoven (IWCE) contributed  1000.

Church of Our Lady in Houten -  its parishioners donated €  280.68 to the project.



Wolaitta LIQA School - a Secondary School for Talents

"The Liqa School is situated in Wolaitta Sodo, South Ethiopia. The school has been established in 2007 by WODA. The school is serving + 560 students by fulfilling their educational, medical, dormitory, feeding and other services.  Among them are at least 200 OVC (orphan vulnerable children) who are described as "needy" and who are fully sponsored.

Since our start in 1997 we carry out projects and activities in joint participation with local partners. We focus on improving education and health in Ethiopia. We help make learning resources available to an increasing number of people.

Some of our achievenments:

  • In 2019 Wolaitta Public Library got stone benches in the garden.
  • In 2017-2019 we supported the Bio-Diversity training centre for farmers.
  • In 2018 a women's club supported the girls dorms of the Liqa School, a school for talents.
  • In 2017 our friends helped the Offa School with a Solar Panel and Cementing four Classroom floors.
  • In 2017 we supported the Wolaitta Liqa School with furnishing two dormitory blocks for 240 students.
  • In 2016 ISOB helped the Wolaitta Public Library with Access to digital sources and other facilities
  • Since July 2017 the new "Stichting Dessi" continue the Learning Centre DEDA School under
  • In 2014 ISOB handed over the ISE Ethiopia Project to Getachew
  • ISOB supported the Educational Health Program carried out by WoDA.
  • In 2006 ISOB raised 90% funds for the set-up of the Wolaitta Public Library in Wolaitta Sodo.
  • Between 1997 and 2013 we dispatched over 40.000 books to school and University libraries and to Public Libraries.


For detailed information about our achievements you can Read or Download Various Reports


Assisting the Wolaitta Liqa School - since 2007

Since its start in 2007 we support the LIQA Secondary School, "a School for Talents!" with extended facilities such library services, laboratories, the canteen and boarding school provisions.

Since 2010 we run a Sponsorship Program for Liqa school students who are recognized as talented and gifted, but who lack family support and whose talents would otherwise be lost.


Our Projects and Activities focus on:

Capacity building, Education  and training - since 1997

ISOB assist Schools and Libraries with Capacity Building and donate learning materials, books and computers.

Through the years we dispatched + 40.000 books to schools, universities and libraries.

We assisted Health education with medical books (Dilla and Wollaita Sodo University) and with medical equipment for referral hospitals.

We help primary and secondary schools to improve school buildings, libraries, sanitation and hygiene.

We assist vocational training among which a Bio-diversity project of WODA.


Our Funders and Supporters

We are supported by different partners, funds, individuals and donors for specific projects and student sponsoring.

Thanks to your gifts, funds, sponsor contributions and voluntary work, we could achieve our goals.