The Bio-Diversity Farmland is a project of Wolaitta Development Association in cooperation with the local farmers in Ampo Koysha in Southern Ethiopia. The farmland is situated in a densely populated area where land is subject to erosion due to exhaustive landuse.  The ISOB team visited the project in 2017. Convinced about the need of this training centre we are raising funds for the project.


Ampo Koysha in Southern Ethiopia.         Example of land is subject to erosion due to exhaustive landuse.

Hands-on Training for local farmers

The farmers learn about sustainable agriculture: make exhausted land fertile again with irrigation techniques and composting. Other improvements: the production of Bio-fuel as a by-product of compost, animal fattening, beekeeping, fruit and tree conservation. The main aim of this project: change the farmers behavior towards using their land and the environment in a more durable way. The outcome: more efficient and durable farming in the region, improved harvests, enriched diets for the families, less malnutrition and less poverty.

Activities of the Training Centre

On the model farm the farmers get hands-on training how to turn exhausted land into fertile land, using sustainable bio-diverse techniques: Irrigation, composting, bio-gas production, fattening cattle, bee keeping and honey production, tree preservation, efficient fruit and vegetables cultivation.

Examples and results:




Fattening cattle by local farmers.


composting and bio-gas production


Beekeeping and honey production.


tree preservation, efficient fruit and vegetables cultivation.

The locals and the project Team

See the actual status of the farm at the WODA website:

ISOB's Contributions to the Farm

November 2017 During our visit to this project in 2017 our friends contributed on the spot.

October 2019 we received the proceeds of a collection among the parishioners of the RK Parish Paus Johannes XXIII GG Houten.

Via PIFWORLD website we received support of different funders.