The Bio-Diversity Farmland is a project of Wolaitta Development Association in cooperation with the local farmers in Ampo Koysha in Southern Ethiopia. The farmland is situated in a densely populated area where land is subject to erosion due to exhaustive landuse.  The ISOB team visited the project in 2017. Convinced about the need of this training centre we are raising funds for the project.

Hands-on Training for local farmers

The farmers learn about sustainable agriculture, making exhausted land fertile again with irrigation techniques and composting. Other improvements will be the production of Bio-fuel as a by-product of compost, animal fattening, beekeeping, fruit and tree conservation. Main aims of this project are to change the farmers behavior towards using their land and the  environment in a more durable way. The outcome will be more efficient and durable farming in the region, improved harvests and enriched diets for the families, less malnutrition and less poverty.


Activities of the Training Centre

On the model farm the farmers get hands-on training how to turn exhausted land into fertile land, using sustainable bio-diverse techniques:

Irrigation, composting, bio-gas production, fattening cattle, bee keeping and honey production, tree preservation, efficient fruit and vegetables cultivation.



composting and bio-gas production



Fattening cattle by local farmers.



Beekeeping and honey production.



tree preservation, efficient fruit and vegetables cultivation.


Contributions for the Farm

We are grateful for the gifts from different organizations who have faith in this project:

October 2019 we received the proceeds of a collection among the parishioners of the RK Parish Paus Johannes XXIII GG Houten.

Via the PIFWORLD website we received support of different funders:

Contributions are used for extra tools and seeds for agriculture and to expand the model farm.

Since the Offa Primary School has been established in the year 2007 it has received help from ISOB with various improvement.

Friends donate money for cementing four classrooms

Marjon collected money for a solar panel for the Offa School during her Birthday Party. The guests gave generous and the money was more than enough! When we discussed the possibility of purchasing more solar panels the school came up with another priority. For the time being the light in the library satisfied the school's needs.

Dusty floors of 4 new classrooms were the School's priority. During lessons the children breathe dust which is very unhealthy. The school suggested to use the rest of the money for cementing the floors of these classrooms. That would solve the problem with the dust. They convinced us of the need and we agreed to their priority of cementing the floors.


Left: Marjon, main donor of the solar panel and the cementing of floors. : Right: Cementing in progress.

Our volunteer Ashenafi coordinated the work. He found an engineer and he collected many items himself.He stimulated the local community to contribute. The local community contributed with free labor. They collected stones and cut it to pieces. They did an amazing job!

 Visiting the School and helping with extra donations.

In November 2017 we visited the school with our travel group of five. We witnessed how the school team and the Damot Offa community worked hard on cementing the four floors of the dusty classrooms. They also worked on cementing the entrance near the doors.

During the work it appeared that there was a shortage of money to buy all the necessary cement. Some of our friends decided to contribute on the spot. With the help of them the work could be finished in December 2017.

  Cemented floors ready:


Happy students reading their schoolbooks in a healthy environment.


The Offa village community built their own school in 2007 but never had electricity. The village is remote and the national grid is out of reach. Solar Panels will provide the school and community with light in the library and is of use for mobile devices.