The Ethiopia Project is a student run CAS activity at the International School in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. CAS stands for “Creativity, Action and Service”. It is an important part of the IB Diploma. The Ethiopia Project began in 1998 and continues to be successful in reaching out to the students in Ethiopia. In 2012 the Project was mentioned as a CAS example in the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) book.


Every Year CAS students of the Ethiopia Project are selling stuff during the Winter Fair at their School. Students during the International Festival Eindhoven in 2016, selling Ethiopian stuff in the HUB:

 The Ethiopia Project is very popular – every year lots of students subscribe to this CAS Activity. Here the students team of 2014-2015:

ISE Students

Since 2014 Getachew Negate (on photo down in the middle) is the new contact for the students. He visits the students almost every 2 weeks and supports and motivates them with their CAS activities for a the new project DEDA Learning Centre. Click here for more information about DEDA Project”.

The ISE students raise awareness and search for funds for the DEDA Project that Getachew has initiated in 2014. Already € 800 has been raised for this project. Students have organized various fun games, events and competitions.

Achievements of the Ethiopia Project since its start in 1998

  • Students were selling during WinterFairs in 2016 and 2017
  • Students collected 70,00 euro from selling bakes. It is for the DEDA Learning Centre Project 2015 - 2016.
  • Since 2014 students of the Ethiopia Project raise funds for the new DEDA Learning Centre in Ethiopia.
  • December 2012 the Ethiopia project team and ISOB team visited Director Henk v Engelen of ASML Foundation Eindhoven and presented the results of the Liqa School Improvements Project. ISE students donated books and helped with the transport.  Materials were distributed among schools and one university in Ethiopia in April 2012. Read the distribution report here.
  • In 2011 ISE Students organized a dodgeball tournament and a marathon and raised € 491.- Their proceeds were handed over to the Liqa student clubs in Ethiopia. Additionally ISE students set up the ISE Facebook page @ Ethiopia Project (ISE) to inform other students about their latest activities.
  • The 2009/10 student group made a questionnaire about the needs of the newly build Liqa school. ISE students worked on a plan of action according to the answers that Liqa School gave. In 2010 the Liqa student club received a € 50 donation and the Liqa school received € 300 of ISE students and staff.
  • 2006/07 student groups contributed over 400 Euro each. ISOB added this money to the Library project. The money was used for the dispatch of school books and computers to the newly build Wolaitta Liqua Public school.
  • In 2004/05 ISE actions were adopted by Wilde Ganzen in Hilversum as a "Youth for Youth action"! Wild Geeze doubled their collected funds up to 70% for the construction of "Wolaita Soddo Public Library".
  • The fourth group of ISE students organized a sponsored cycling tour through Holland. This action raised the largest amount of money and broke the record of all others teams so far. The fund was reserved for the construction of the Wolaita Soddo Public Library.
  • The third group held a sponsored training weekend at the Rhine Army Parachute Association where students and staff were jumping from a plane. In October 2002 they dispatched a large number of books from Amsterdam to Ethiopia.
  • The second group involved in a sponsored cycle ride in 2000 to The Hague, a distance of around 170 kilometers.
  • The first group of students organized a sponsored walk from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in the summer of 1999. The fund they raised was used to donate books to schools in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia Project began in 1998, and has a two year cycle with students of DP 1 and 2 (Diploma Program). Once a year half of the group leave (DP2 students) and the other half start to select a new group from DP1 students.