Since our start in 1997 we carry out projects and activities in joint participation with local partners. We focus on improving education and health in Ethiopia. We help make learning resources available to an increasing number of people.

Some of our achievenments:


For detailed information about our achievements you can Read or Download Various Reports


Assisting the Wolaitta Liqa School - since 2007

Since its start in 2007 we support the LIQA Secondary School, "a School for Talents!" with extended facilities such library services, laboratories, the canteen and boarding school provisions.

Since 2010 we run a Sponsorship Program for Liqa school students who are recognized as talented and gifted, but who lack family support and whose talents would otherwise be lost.


Our Projects and Activities focus on:

Capacity building, Education  and training - since 1997

ISOB assist Schools and Libraries with Capacity Building and donate learning materials, books and computers.

Through the years we dispatched + 40.000 books to schools, universities and libraries.

We assisted Health education with medical books (Dilla and Wollaita Sodo University) and with medical equipment for referral hospitals.

We help primary and secondary schools to improve school buildings, libraries, sanitation and hygiene.

We assist vocational training among which a Bio-diversity project of WODA.


Our Funders and Supporters

We are supported by different partners, funds, individuals and donors for specific projects and student sponsoring.

Thanks to your gifts, funds, sponsor contributions and voluntary work, we could achieve our goals.