ISOB Foundation supported programs on Health education, disease prevention, behavioral change concerning health risks and the detection of diseases in an early stage.

With an area of 1.1 million Sq.k.m and an estimated total population of 90 million in 2013, Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Sub-Saharan Africa. (CSA, 2000). The Majority of the population live in the rural areas and health conditions are poor because Ethiopia is still one of the least developed countries in the world. Ethiopians experience health problems such as infectious diseases because of lack of clean water, low standard sanitary conditions, nutritional deficiencies and harmful health practices. Common diseases are malaria, tuberculosis, childhood illness and HIV/AIDS. Many of these disease are poverty related and can be prevented in different ways.

Health Education - one of the strongest tools in the prevention of poverty related diseases! 

Between 2010 and 2013 the ISOB Foundation raised funds for a Mother and Childrcare centre in Boditti, Wolaitta.  But funds were not enough to built the centre and the project could not start. In 2013 the regional government recognized the serious need in Boditti and started the construction of a general hospital themselves. During our visit in June 2015 we were surprised and very happy by the fact that the hospital was built and operational:

Boditti General Hospital.

About the project "Improving Health through Education and awareness raising"

In the meantime, in cooperation with local NGO partner WoDA, we continued our search for an alternative use of the funds we had raised. WoDA stressed the need for activities concerning disease prevention through awareness raising programs about health issues. Also part of the fund will be used for the Wolaitta Liqa Boarding School that provides, among others, a safe and healthy learning environment for boys and girls in the school. We agreed on their proposals and the funds are now used for the next two activities:

Part I:  Health Education and awareness raising on disease prevention among the people in Wolaitta region and beyond.
Part II: Health services at Wolaitta Liqa Boarding School

The Final Report “Improving Health through Education and awareness raising in Wolaitta and beyond" can be downloaded here.