Wolaitta LIQA School - a Secondary School for Talents

sponsored students"The Liqa School is situated in Wolaitta Sodo, South Ethiopia.

The school has been established in 2007 by WoDA. The school is serving + 560 students by fulfilling their educational, medical, dormitory, feeding and other services.  Among them are at least 200 OVC (orphan vulnerable children) and poor students who are described as "needy" and who are fully sponsored.

The school is modeled to be the center of Excellency in which different research based teaching learning methodologies are initiated.

Some remarkable achievements: Since 2014 LIQA School is known as one of the Best Schools in the Southern Region in providing quality education for those who are best in their performance, but orphan and vulnerable students of Wolaita Zone. During the national Exams 2014 they became the secondary school with the highest results in Ethiopia. In 2015 academic year all 78 students who took the Ethiopian Higher Institutions entrance examination passed the exam with very good results. One of the students scored 646 out of 700. In the 2018 national Exams 8 Liqa school students scored more than 600/700..

In this concern the School has been investing great effort to achieve the envisioned quality education and to produce influential citizens who can solve the prevailing socio-economic problems of the society."

Get involved – Sponsor OVC students

Between 2010 and 2018 ISOB sponsored 22 of the most needy students (14 female and 8 male) with the help of sponsors in the Netherlands. These students were carefully recognized by the LIQA school management. All 22 students have successfully finished the Liqa School and now join a University study in Ethiopia.

From 2019 onward ISOB sponsors the Liqa School students in general. (Individual sponsorship has stopped)   Contact ISOB Foundation for more information.

  • Join our sponsor program with a one-time gift or a monthly fee. Any amount will do! With your help more students will be able to obtain their diploma and continue higher education: our Bank account  IBAN: NL88 INGB 0007 7402 00  to the attention of: Stg. Int Steun Onderw en Biblio Zuid-Ethiopie, Amsterdam, with the note "sponsor program".

 Thank you!

 " The Liqa School expresses heartfelt gratitude on the behalf of the students and the Wolaitta people for your support."

 Through your investment in education, you can change the children's lives and enable them to have a brighter future.

Your support motivates the students - your generosity will positively affect their future.





If you happen to travel to Ethiopia, why not meet your students and teacher at the Liqa School personally? The LIQA School will welcome you.