Wolaitta LIQA School - a Secondary School for Talents

"The LIQA School in Wolaitta Sodo, South Ethiopia is established in 2007 by WODA. The School is investing great effort to achieve the envisioned quality education and to produce influential citizens who can solve the prevailing socio-economic problems of the society. The school is serving + 560 students by fulfilling their educational, medical, dormitory, feeding and other services.  Among them are at least 200 OVC (orphan vulnerable children) who are described as "needy" and who are fully sponsored.

The school follow steps to enroll students because it is modeled to be a Center of Excellency and because WODA's financial capabilities are limited:

•    The school selects outstanding students from 12 districts and three town administrations of Wolaitta Zone.
•    Those who are affected by economic problems or who are orphan and vulnerable to poverty have equal opportunities.
•    The students are selected by the collaborative work of the school and different government line offices.
•    Students are given an entrance examination to check their talents, motivation and academic capabilities.

Some remarkable achievements: LIQA School is known as one of the Best Schools in the Southern Region in providing quality education for those who are best in their performance. During the national Exams 2014 they became the secondary school with the highest results in Ethiopia. In 2015 academic year all 78 students who took the Ethiopian Higher Institutions entrance examination passed the exam with very good results. One of the students scored 646 out of 700. In the 2018 national Exams 8 Liqa school students scored more than 600/700.

Sponsoring and Dormitories for OVC's

Between 2010 and 2020 ISOB sponsored 22 of the most needy students (14 female and 8 male) with the help of different sponsors in the Netherlands. The students had been carefully recognized by the LIQA school management. All 22 students have successfully finished the Liqa School and join Universities in Ethiopia and abroad.

One of the challenges of the school was housing students who came from remote villages and rented unsafe rooms in town, especially girls under 18. In 2017 WODA suceeded in building two new G2 blocks, thus providing a safe sleeping environment for 120 female and 120 male students.  Both blocks have 6 boarding rooms, each for 20 students. Both blocks have a community room at the basement.

To run the dormitories items such as blankets, bed sheets, mattresses, cupboards, tables, chairs, pillows and pillow cases were needed. ISOB asked and received support from many donors, large and small. ISOB contributed a total of € 21.345.-  in the year 2017. Download the Results report of 2017 (in dutch).

Women's club Soroptimist West-Betuwe co-sponsored the girls dormitory

The Soroptimistsclub West-Betuwe enthusiastically sponsored the girls dorm after ISOB presented the Liqa School dorm project to the women. Fundraising took place during the yearly Blossom Cycle Tours of 2017 and 2018.  The women club sponsored more than 40 girls with their dorm needs in 2017-18.  In 2018 we reiceved a Cheque of 3500 euro, officially handed over by the women. The Liqa school have admitted 50 new girls to the academic year 2018-19. See Photo's ISOB Activities

We are very thankful for the support of the Soroptimists and the below mentioned donors.

Other donors sponsoring both the girls and boys dorms

10th year Aniversary of the Wolaitta Liqa School, 21 October 2017

Official opening of the Women dormitory by H.E. Wzro Roman Tesfaye. The official opening of the newly built women dormitory by the "First Lady, Wzro Roman Tesfaye" was the first event of the 10th Year Anniversary. The guests walked to the girls' dormitories early in the morning. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the First Lady. Once arrived she cut of the ribbon and everyone was allowed inside to admire the brand new rooms of the girls who welcomed us in an excited mood. During her speech Wzro Roman Roman Tesfaye stresses the need of educating girls!

Short term and Long term Effects of the dormitory services

  • 120 girls and 120 boys no longer have to live lonely at various addresses in the city. They are housed in a protected environment at the Liqa School compound.
  • School dropouts and psychological problems due to the old living condition will be reduced.
  • The Liqa School can better guide the students when they live together at the school compound.
  • Security and social cohesion are increasing. Lifelong friendships and networks will be created.
  • More students get good results and pass the national exams.
  • The parents of the pupils worry less and leave their children at school longer.
  • In the long run, more girls will study at the Liqa School and take their exams.

ISOB's involvement in the Wollaita LIQA School

ISOB Foundation supported the LIQA School since the school's start in 2007 (2000 EC). At the beginning we donated study books and computers. Later we provided funds for the furnishing and equipment of class rooms, a canteen, a new library and science labs. Between 2010 and 2020 we sponsored 22 OVC (Orphan Vulnerable Children) of the Liqa School with the help of our donors.  Since 2012 we helped around 300 OVC's (Orphan Vulnarable Cildren) with sleeping materials, shoes and school materials. In 2017-18 we helped with the furnishing of the newly built dorms at the Liqa School Compound. 

Hence, the school expressed "their heartfelt gratitude on the behalf of the students and the Wolaitta people for your support of their vision."